At Dblogged, our vision will be to be a nationwide leader in health by 2020. Itís a bar that is large. Yet with every individual we fulfill and every day, we're showing that special attention is a goal worth attaining.
Dblogged is an integrated wellness blog, with the award winning healthplan, groups of suppliers and nationally established physicians and a community of treatment services and hospitals crossing 13 counties. We're among the countryís Best 15 wellness blogs.
By operating collectively, we generate worth that is better and experiences for customers. The outcome is a highly collaborative program of treatment that provides the best results that are possible.
We have been committed to offering an original alternative tailored for you. We concentrate on treating the entire you and on your needs. We contemplate psychological demands and their physical, expanding support and crucial financial instruction when needed.
Our aim would be to link you with a supplier when and where attention is needed by you. Itís healthcare on your own terms. It's possible for you to get care in your own residence or in nearby communities. You may also convey 24/7 with our technologies from your notebook computer, tablet PC or smart phone.
We're proud of the recognition for our attempts while no benefit compares to assisting you to attain better health. Year over year, we obtain honours for encounter, security, and our quality. Each worker, health professionals and our physicians work to make it.